A different Arbitration

Parties are recommended to use model arbitration and dispute resolution agreements contained in JSM PCA Interpretation Rules of model arbitration clauses and agreements. Interpretation Rules under § 274 of the slovak Commercial Code are binding rules for parties intention and will interpretation (as for Incoterm Interpretation Rules). Specific wording is drafted for consumer disputes and disputes arising from electronic communications services and networks.

Publishing of Law unity decisions (Rpj) of its Board (in section Planum tabulare) JSM PCA supports predictability of decision making.

In the case of arbitration with seat of tribunal in the Switzerland, parties are free to exclude judicial review of the Award.

Unique proceeding of review of the Award by another arbitrator strengthens cost efficiency of setting aside proceeding and eliminate procedural delays. Possibility of award review strengthens  enforceability of the Award, trough elimination of procedural and law  errors.

JSM PCA Rules of proceeding set up time-limits not only for parties but also for the Tribunal/Arbitrator; longest possible time-limit for case final decision is 90 days.

For the Arbitration Tribunal authority recognition proceeding JSM PCA applies provisions of Code of Civil Procedure, concerning effects of the court´s issued Call for objection against next proceeding (If party fails to rise objection, it shall be considered as waiver of right to object).