E2E-Institute for international commercial arbitration

E2E - Institute for international commercial arbitration has been registered ad interest association of legal person by District Administration Bratislava (Okresný úrad Bratislava) by   26.3. 2015 (at first under name E2E-Bratislavska iniciatíva - E2E Bratislava initiative, changed to the present name in 2016). 

The purpose of establishing an association according to Art. III of the Articles of Association is defined as follows: 1. I. research, development and education in the field of: a) the lex mercatoria and business practices, b) choice of law and international jurisdiction of courts, c) recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards, and foreign judgments in the states of Europe and Eurasia, (d) company law in Europe and Eurasia.

II. performance of the activities of the founder of the permanent arbitration court in accordance with the laws in force in the place of arbitration,

III. research, development and training in business tools for members to overcome trade barriers. 2. The Association ensures the representation of the interests of its members, including proceedings under § 369d, para. 4 of the slovak Commercial Code, joint action, promotion and promotion of common interests, and all activities necessary to meet the objectives of the association.

3. By its founding agreement, the Association took over the founding powers towards the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the JSM.

The JSM Permanent Arbitration Court is independent from the members or bodies of association, representing the interests of the association members does not include any interference in the decision-making activities of the appointed arbitrators or the JSM PCA Secretariate.


E2E-Institute duly notified its transfer of regular venue of its Arbitration activities to the Zurich to the Slovak Ministry of Justice. Secretariate of Institute at first was located at Thurgauerstrasse in Zurich, now it is located at Eugen-Huber-Strasse also in Zurich.

Below you can find link to the excerpts from respective notifications to the Justice Ministry and from register of Interest Associations of legal persons administered by Interiot Ministry of the Slovak republic, unfortunately only available in slovak language.