Standard Arbitration clause for international contracts

Simplifying rather robust catalogue of model clauses codified by JSM PCA as Model clauses with its interpretation rules, parties regularly choose arbitration clauses with seat of arbitration in Switzerland and regulated by JSM PCA rules of proceeding, with following standard wording:

Arbitration clause

All disputes between the parties to this agreement, arising out of the main contract or other agreements between the parties, or in connection with these contracts and agreements, including disputes concerning the validity, breach, interpretation and revocation of the contracts and agreements between parties, as well as on the arbitrability of the dispute shall be resolved exclusively by arbitration before the JSM Permanent Court of Arbitration ( in accordance with its rules and regulations, published in the Commercial Bulletin of the Slovak Republic. The parties expressly agreed on the application of Article. 192 Swiss PILA ( Private international law Act - Budnesgesetz über internationals Privatrecht) to exclude the review and annullment of the arbitration award by Swiss Federal Tribunal. Parties agreed that the  seat of the arbitral tribunal (place of arbitration) shall be city of Zug, Canton of Zug, the Swiss Confederation.