Arbitration vs. Adjudication: UK - 4

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Arbitration vs. Adjudication: UK
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Mean adjudicator costs were calculated at hourly rate ₤ 200 (as fit for lawyer adjudicator without data about expert lawyer costs and concurrently consistent with the two main ranges from Report No 12, considering that from among these ranges one is without upper limit) for the case A with extremely low  15 hours budget, for the case B with 25 hours for  C with 40 and for D case 50 hours. ANB fee is calculated as ₤ 300. Spot exchange rates of Bank of England  (last three years average ) was used for calculations from EUR (1,1842 EUR for one Pound sterling, and 0,8456 Pounds for one Euro).
Table No 1: Case costs comparation in ₤

Case summary

Mean adjudication costs


(EUR in parenthesis)

A Claim sum


10,000 (11,842)

Fees (without expert+representatives)


809.35 (957,1)

B Claim sum


50,000 (59,200)

Fees (without expert+representatives)


2,825.14 (3,341)

C Claim sum


100,000 (118 420)

Fees (without expert+representatives)


4, 327.44 (5,117.6)

D Claim sum


250,000 (296,050)

Fees (without expert+representatives)



As we can see from Table No 1 Arbitration facilitated by JSM PCA is cheaper not only against model calculated Mean adjudication cost based on ARC data, but also in comparison with band ranges of ₤ 2500-5000, not even mentioning probably higher appearance of range ₤15,001-20,000 in disputes with claim sum  for D case.  Considering that in arbitration facilitated by JSM PCA arbitrators are practically always lawyers, and bearing in mind,  that there is some relationship between sum of claim (value of subject of adjudication/arbitration) expressed in our model by raising time budget of adjudication relative to the sum in dispute, these numbers and facts give us persuasive reasons to conclude that JSM PCA Arbitration is cheaper (in most of cases significantly cheaper) than adjudication before british adjudicators.